Paul Hockey on the summit of Mount Everest

He lives by his motto "Never give up...Never ever give up!" and despite losing his right arm to cancer at just three weeks of age, Paul Hockey became the first disabled person to climb Mount Everest from the North side. He stood on the summit of the world's highest mountain on Sunday the 5th of June 2005 at 7.42am.

Climbing is only part of his story...

What he does is almost unbelievable, yet true. Having only one arm is no disability for Paul. His study and training in martial arts has taught Paul to continually challenge himself. He pushes his mental, physical and spiritual toughness to their absolute limits.

Motivational Speaking and Enquiries

Paul travels around Australia and internationally as a motivational speaker sharing his interesting and inspirational life story. He personally works with his client from the initial enquiry through to the event date. Want to find out more?

Here's what clients are saying about Paul...

"We were honoured to have Paul Hockey come along and inspire our Paralympic swim team on their way to Rio. Paul shared his many stories on his life journey and how he faced and overcame adversity. Paul's many life experiences allow him to instantly make a connection with the audience. His no nonsense, down to earth and modest persona, and his laid back approach to life make him a true and great Australian. I feel privileged to have met Paul and fully endorse and recommend him for your speaking engagement." Adam Pine OAM Paralympic Performance Manager, Swimming Australia


"Paul Hockey was a keynote speaker at the Road to Success Conference. We conducted considerable follow up research to evaluate the various speakers at the conference and Paul was overwhelmingly voted the best speaker. His story is simply astonishing, his delivery is open and forthright and he reaches his audience at many levels. I cannot recommend him highly enough for any event requiring a truly motivational message to be delivered to people from all walks of life." Andrew Griffiths, Small Business Author & Event Organiser - Road to Success Conference


We thank Paul for his participation and powerful speech at our FUSO talks event in Japan, July 2016. We appreciated his ability to suit his speech and role as a talk show guest to our requirements and  our management audience was truly inspired to take future challenges head on. It would be my pleasure to recommend Paul Hockey to everyone, who is looking for a powerful speaker on topics like passion, commitment, self-leadership and a "never give up" attitude." Florian Laudan, Head of Communications, Daimler Trucks Asia


"Paul spoke to a team of our managers from difference countries at our Macau conference and delivered a very powerful presentation. This lead to our Australian headquarters inviting him to speak to the team in Melbourne. On both occasions Paul had everyone enthralled and truly inspired. A speaker you shouldn't miss." Saatchi and Saatchi